A Central Location of Truth

1 min read

One of the most basic (and best) reasons for having good project management software is so that everyone working on a project has a common touchpoint to find and share what they need.

We call this having a Central Location of Truth. 

Your project in LoTops is your Central Location of Truth for that project. Want to find out what the client had to say about the latest design revision?  For that matter, want to review what the latest design revision was?  Want to see a list of everybody working on the project?  Or if the team leader has assigned copywriting responsibilities to anyone yet?  When you have a Central Location of Truth, you don’t need to scroll through four separate email chains, text two people, search through a separate file database or wait until a normal working hour to call a co-worker to find what you’re looking for.

A single, central place for the project means you don’t have to worry important files are located elsewhere or key discussions are happening elsewhere or that you forgot to include a project member on an email.  All the files, information and communication you need are in one place that is accessible 24/7.

Anybody who has ever worked on a team knows that the effort required for simply making sure everyone is on the same page at each step of the work is a major time drain.  It can lead not only to confusion and things getting missed, but it can also lead to frustration with loads of redundant emails, calls and meetings.  When you have a Central Location of Truth, you can make sure you’re able to find who and what you need efficiently.